SmileMask Customer Reviews



Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Special Needs

  •  I’m severely to profoundly deaf, rest of my family are hearing. I’m in tears daily running errands or going out with my loved ones, fact of the matter Is...I need to read lips!! I can hear, but lip reading supplements the bits and pieces of info needed to figure out what the other person is saying. This mask would change my life... you have no idea how hard it’s been in public... my heart gets black and hardened from feeling incompetent when conversing with strangers. - KL


  • I am a mom, and I’m deaf. I took my child to the doctor recently.  I asked the doctor to take off his mask, as I could not understand what he was saying.  He refused. I felt so embarrassed and humiliated, as I didn’t have a way to communicate. Thank you for creating SmileMask. I’m bringing a few to my and children’s doctors to use! KL


  • Hello! I am the mother of a 26 year old man who has severe autism. I tried the SmileMask on him and he did very well. It helps his teachers, caregivers and me, to see his facial expression to judge his moods since he is nonverbal. Thank you for creating this very well made and thoughtful product.  I strongly believe your  masks will help our children. They already have such a difficult time reading social cues. With masks covering their teachers smiles or frowns it is almost impossible. And the teachers would be able to see whether their students are happy or upset or are modeling expressions as needed. - JN


  •  I work in a CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community) and a resident actually gave me a mask.  I’m looking to order more, as it really appeals to the senior population who may be hard of hearing.  What a great product. 


  •  My friends are delighted to see me in this and those with hearing issues can understand me easily. My lips do touch the mask in words with oo, like soon. Thank you!


  • I am so pleased with the SmileMasks. What started out using for personal use to communicate with my daughter who reads lips quickly morphed into using for work and then sharing with so many of my colleagues and friends alike. I was sad not to fully communicate and feeling trapped behind cloth masks and now to be able to smile and communicate more clearly is just wonderful. I get so many compliments and people ask me at least 3 times a day where I got this mask from. I always make sure to share the link.



  • I work in a preschool and I wanted to thank you for these awesome masks. I love them. I was worried about the new students not being able to see our faces but with your masks, it has been wonderful. It is so much better when doing circle time....they can see our expressions on our faces while reading stories and singing songs. So thank you again! I am telling everyone about them. -  Amy


  • Just wanna let you know that my coworker inside love this mask! Our kids at school love to be able to see our smiles while staying safe! Thank You, - Tracy


  • Thank you So much for providing such a wonderful product. I couldn’t teach preschool without this wonderful mask. Parents and children love the mask and it It’s so helpful when reading stories and communicating with the kids. Thank you - KH


  • I bought my husband who is a high school PE and drivers Ed teacher the SmileMask to help him communicate with his students with ease during this difficult time. He is able to continue to connect with his students as well as with his fellow teachers much easier. For those who read lips these masks are perfect. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product. - KP



  • I am a concierge at a major hotel and have been using a SmileMask for 3 weeks now. I get positive comments from guests and staff everyday. I had one guest who was deaf specifically thank me for wearing it. It doesn’t fog up and I have very little issue with my glasses. Well designed and comfortable.



  • So nice to see people's smiles and expression. The mask doesn't fog! Makeup and lip gloss doesn't rub off either! Best Mask Ever!