About SmileMask

Woman wearing a face mask


SmileMask, LLC was created to fill a need. During the period when face masks are needed, the deaf and hard of hearing find it extremely difficult to communicate. SmileMask clear face masks solve that dilemma. Human connection is crucial for our mental and emotional health, and facial expressions are a big part of that. Our SmileMask clear face masks allow you to see the face of the person you're speaking with, and that makes us smile!  


SmileMask is a proud supplier of several leading retailers, school systems, and universities.  Also serving employers and the general public.

We are contracted with a government vendor so that we can better serve the military and government offices.



We are a 100% Women-Owned Business dedicated to serving the needs of our customers. Whether you need reusable face masks, single use face masks, one face mask, or one hundred thousand face masks, we're here for you. Our SmileMask clear face mask is not intended to be used as a surgical mask.