Clear Face Masks Show Your Company Cares

clear face masks for every corporation

As businesses across the country prepare to return to the office, they’re faced with the reality of new or reinstated mask mandates. After a year and a half of Zoom meetings, office workers have been understandably looking forward to face-to-face meetings, water cooler chats and lunching together. 

It’s clear that people have been seriously affected by the lack of social connectedness, but the return to the workplace will, in many places, mean a return to wearing a mask. There’s a clear alternative to hiding smiles behind a cotton mask — the clear face mask. Here’s why every  corporation across all industries should consider providing masks with transparent windows for all their employees.

Providing Face Masks Shows You Care

A recent evidence review of face masks concluded that face masks are a vital tool to help reduce the transmission of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 (and not coincidentally, other airborne viruses, as suggested by the reduction in cases of the common flu). While some companies are simply mandating that employees wear masks, those who actually provide masks for their employees are sending the very clear message that they take the health of their employees seriously. They’re also offering some other benefits that may not be as obvious.

Reduced Employee Cost

While it may seem a small thing, mandated masks impose a financial cost on each of your employees. By providing them with masks — which corporations can deduct as a business expense — corporations are reducing that burden and increasing mask compliance. 

Mask Quality Control and Assurance

When the corporation provides face masks for all employees, it can ensure that all masks worn meet the CDC standards for mask safety and efficacy. You can also ensure that masks meet any other safety  or compliance standards for your industry.

More Professional Appearance

Corporations with public-facing employees — retail, health care services, banking, and service organizations, for example — present a more professional appearance when all workers are wearing a standardized mask. The best way to achieve this is by providing masks for all employees.

Benefits of Clear Face Masks for Corporations

Clear face masks offer a number of benefits that make them especially suited for business use. A properly made clear mask blocks transmission of airborne particulates without hiding half the face behind a barrier of cloth. The benefits to that include the following:

Better Communication

A recent study found that patients who spoke with health care workers wearing transparent face masks felt that the workers communicated more clearly, even though the actual sound quality was better with cloth face masks. Even people who are not hard of hearing rely on visual cues to help them understand what is being said.

Better Security

One of the side effects of wearing a mask is that it’s harder to recognize people, even people we know well, when half their faces are hidden. Transparent face masks allow most of the face to show, making it easier for security to identify and screen people entering the workplace.

More Smiles

What difference does a smile make? There’s been a great deal of research done into the science behind smiles. Among other things, scientists have found that seeing other people smile triggers a cascade of brain chemicals that naturally lighten the mood, relieve stress, ease tension, boost immune responses and even reduce pain. Clear face masks let those smiles show, boosting workplace morale — and productivity.

SmileMask — The Clear Alternative

The SmileMask Original Face Masks and Sports Face Masks are ADA-compliant and made to meet the highest standards for reusable face masks. The clear panel doesn’t fog like many other clear face masks do, and it’s fitted with a nose clip and ear clips to tailor the fit to each individual wearer. We are ready to accept and fill bulk orders, including bulk orders for single use masks,  for any size corporation.

Ready to buy? Want to know more? Reach out to our team to talk about large orders, commercial orders, custom colors and other needs. We’re happy to help!

Deb Powers is a Massachusetts based freelance writer who has been writing about health, wellness, and related topics for more than 20 years.


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