Tips and Tricks for Safe Holiday Travel

holiday travel during the pandemic

With the holidays quickly approaching, millions of Americans are gearing up to travel to see family and friends. However, the pandemic is still looming over the U.S., which is why it’s important to stay safe while visiting loved ones. Regardless of what mode of transportation you’re using, it’s best to take precautions with your holiday plans.

Traveling during a pandemic requires a more detailed and cautious approach than before, but it can still be accomplished while minimizing risks to you and others. Here are some helpful tips and tricks that you can follow to lower your chances of getting or spreading the virus. Tips include everything from investing in quality masks to self-monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms. Read on to learn more about how to stay safe wherever you go. 

Be Aware of COVID Travel Status Updates

Whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, be sure to pay close attention to COVID conditions at your destination before getting on the plane. The COVID-19 situation significantly differs from state to state and country to country, which is why it’s critical to familiarize yourself with area precautions beforehand. Check the country list regularly to stay up-to-date on information.

Additionally, if you’re preparing to travel overseas, don’t forget to check the vaccine requirements of the country you are going to. A growing number of countries are requiring that travelers show proof of vaccination. Do research beforehand to make sure you are following recommendations and requirements at your destination. 

Invest in Quality Masks

Traveling on public transportation increases one’s risk of getting and spreading COVID-19. This is a result of bringing people into close contact with each other and exposing them to frequently touched surfaces. Since the CDC is still mandating masks on planes, buses, and other forms of public transportation into, within, or out of the United States, be sure to wear them on these vehicles of transport. Masks will not only help keep you safe, but they will keep your loved ones and even strangers out of harm’s way. 

Be sure to get a mask that you trust — such as a mask from SmileMask. SmileMask specializes in clear, comfortable masks that allow you to see the face of the person you’re speaking with. This leads to clearer, more effective communication and encourages human connection. When it comes to traveling, you might want to opt for the single-use mask. This mask is constructed of three-layers of non-woven cotton with a clear, non-fog film. You can purchase this choice in a box or 24 or opt for a bulk size, which is a case of 1,440. 

Make Sure You Have Everything You Need 

Now that you’ve found a mask that you trust, there are a couple other essential items you’ll want to pack. Consider packing a travel safety kit, which include items like hand sanitizer, spare SmileMask masks, storage bags and disinfectant wipes. Regardless of whether you plan to fly or drive, this travel safety kit is a great way to take extra precaution and guarantee you have everything you need for pandemic prevention. 

Self-Monitor for COVID-19 Symptoms

It’s important to remember that whether you are fully vaccinated or not, you can still get COVID-19. Getting vaccinated significantly lowers your chance of getting COVID-19, but it does not completely eliminate it. That’s why you should always self-monitor for symptoms related to the virus. Meanwhile, if you aren’t fully vaccinated, you should get tested for the virus 1 to 3 days before you leave. Additional tips for non-vaccinated individuals include social distancing while you are traveling and getting another viral test 3 to five days after you travel. 

Regardless of whether you’re vaccinated or not, always self-monitor for COVID-19. Common symptoms may include fever or chills, difficulty breathing, new loss of taste and smell, and plenty more. If you do find yourself experiencing symptoms, then it’s critical to start isolating away from others and to get tested as soon as possible. 

Anna Bell is a writer who lives in Los Angeles.


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